Income taxes

The growing dynamics of the legislative changes and complexity of the tax regulations in income taxes present a number of challenges for the entrepreneurs

We offer complex tax advisory services in the Corporate Income Tax (CIT) and Personal Income Tax (PIT). Depending on the needs of the entrepreneur, our services may comprise the ongoing tax support (Hotline), reviews of the accuracy of the tax settlements or support by the implementation of the tax reliefs.

Choice of the form of business

We support by the choice of the form of business, considering the kind and range of the conducted activities.


We provide tax assistance by the restructuring processes: mergers, divisions, contributions in-kind and other restructuring activities.

Tax reliefs

We support our clients by implementation of the tax reliefs: IP Box, B+R relief, Polish Investment Zone.

Permanent establishment

We have extensive experience with the advisory regarding the risk of creation of the permanent establishment. We offer the following services to our clients:

  • comprehensive analysis of the activities of the clients with regard to the risk of creation of the permanent establishment
  • advisory regarding the risk reduction

If a permanent establishment in Poland is created, we offer the following services::

  • advisory regarding the determination of the profit share attributable to the permanent establishment
  • comprehensive support by the fulfilment of the tax obligations of the entrepreneur, that are connected to the presence of the permanent establishment

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