The e-commerce sellers are subject to special VAT regulations. In some cases they are obliged to register to VAT in Poland and to fulfill their filing obligations.

We specialize in the VAT advisory for the Amazon, ebay and other e-commerce sellers

VAT advisory.

We offer counselling with regard to the VAT taxation in the e-commerce industry.

VAT Compliance

We support the Amazon Sellers by the fulfillment of all of the tax obligations in Poland (VAT registration in Poland, monthly or quarterly VAT filings, Intrastat filings).

We support our clients with the tax audits.

We have a profound experience with VAT advisory for the Amazon Sellers and have represented our clients many times in the tax audits in Poland. We understand the specific of the e-commerce trade via Amazon and we have a deep expertise in VAT regulations concerning the e-commerce

Representation by the request to declare an overpayment

If you have corrected your tax return, and an overpayment results from the correction, you have to submit the request to declare an overpayment to get the overpayment as the tax credit at your disposal. Only then you can request the refund of the tax credit, or you can ask the tax office to credit this amount against your future tax debts.

We prepare and submit the request to declare an overpayment in the name of our clients and represent them in the following proceedings.

Contacts with the tax office

We contact the tax office to clarify the questions of our clients, i.g. the current balance of their tax account or allocation of the payments.

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