Refund of the Polish input VAT

The foreign entrepreneurs, who have conducted purchases in Poland, by which the prices for the purchases included the Polish VAT, are entitled to recover the paid VAT in the refund procedure for foreign entrepreneurs. Similarly, the entrepreneurs who imported goods to Poland ana paid the output VAT on the border are entitled to claim the VAT refund.

We support the foreign entrepreneurs by the cross-border VAT refund procedure in Poland. In particular:

  • We review whether the conditions to apply for the VAT refund in the cross-border VAT refund procedure are met.
  • We support our clients by the preparation of the applications for the VAT refunds, that are to be submitted in their countries of residence.
  • We represent the clients in the contacts with the tax office regarding the requested VAT refund: We prepare the answers to the requests from the tax authorities and submit the requested information and documents to the tax office.
  • In case of disagreements, we represent the client before the tax authorities and the courts.

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