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Doradztwo podatkowe VAT

The income from the VAT to the Polish state budget amounted in 2020 to 185 mil. PLN and was thereby the biggest source of revenue for the state. At the same time, the yearly losses of the State Treasury due to the VAT fraud amount to several dozen million PLN. Ensuring the size and stability of the state revenues from this tax became priority for the Polish government in the last years, bringing Poland to the forefront of the global combat against the VAT fraud. Introduction of the SAF-T reporting, split payment mechanism or the joint and several liability – these are several from the mechanisms, introduced by the Polish state to reduce the VAT gap. The growing formalization means an increase of the level of risk for every entrepreneur. Failing to fulfill some minor formalities may have very negative impact in case of the tax audit.

VAT is nowadays a big challenge for every entrepreneur. The entrepreneurs must ensure, that their business processes are structured in such a way, that they are compliant with the VAT regulations. The fact, that the Polish state – as the European champion of decreasing the VAT gap – introduces almost every year new, innovative, tools to combat the VAT fraud, does not make this task easier. The entrepreneurs get every year a new set of obligations arising from the newly introduced VAT regulations, which they must integrate into their business processes. What is more, the tax office, acting with a view to maximizing its revenues, carries out the tax audits often in an aggressive manner, withholding the VAT refund for years or determining the additional tax liabilities based on some minor formal mistakes.


Considering the growing role of the VAT for entrepreneurs, we decided to specialize in the VAT. The specialization is for us the basis for the qualified, practical and successful advice we offer our clients. ). We offer our clients a deep level of expertise and a profound experience in the Polish VAT. Our goal is to offer our clients practical, suitable solutions in the are area of the VAT.

For who?

Our offer is aimed at foreign clients, who need specialized support in the are in area of the Polish VAT, e.g.

Our specialty is the VAT advisory for the ecommerce industry.

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We offer our VAT advisory services in the following form:

Phone and E-Mail advice

Advisory and preparation of expert assessments with regard to:

Solution of the VAT-specific special issues:

Binding interpretations oft the tax law:

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