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We specialize in the VAT advisory. Combining the extensive experience with the specialized professional knowledge in VAT, we offer our clients services tailored to their needs at the highest level.

We advise our clients by the emerging VAT issues, represent them before the tax office and administrative courts, prepare the VAT returns and support the VAT compliance processes of our clients.

Value-added tax

VAT is nowadays the biggest source of revenue for the Polish state. At the same time, the yearly losses of the State Treasury due to the VAT fraud amount to tremendous amount of several dozen million PLN. Reducing the VAT gap and ensuring the size and stability of the state revenues from this tax became priority for the Polish government in the last years, bringing Poland to the forefront of the global combat against the VAT fraud. The growing formalization of the VAT means an increase of the risk level for every entrepreneur. Failing to fulfill some minor formalities may have very negative impact in case of the tax audit.

Considering the growing role of the VAT for entrepreneurs, I decided to open in 2017 a tax practice specialized in the VAT. The specialization is for us the basis for the qualified, practical and successful advice we offer our clients. We perpetually face the new solutions implemented by the Ministry of Finance by the subsequent amendments of the VAT regulations and introductions of new practices of the tax administration. Every client project carried by us allows us to gain new and unique experience, on which we draw by subsequent services.

Magda Olszewska
Tax advisor


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Our tax practice is comprised of a small, high-performing, dynamic team. We are flexible – we adjust both to the expectations of the clients and to the changing external conditions. With passion and engagement, we carry out the tasks entrusted to us, continually seeking new, innovative solutions for our clients.

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